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We provide Security Solutions to give peace-of-mind, safety & security

SECOM Australia takes pride in delivering completely integrated and non-proprietary security solutions for our clients. We are a leading integrated protective and electronic security solutions provider. We are a prominent industry player, having established one of the first wholly-owned and operated ASIAL-certified A1 monitoring and operations centres in Australia.

We are supported by the SECOM Group of Companies – a $10B+ pioneer which has operations in over 20 countries throughout the world. The security market sector is the largest of all the sectors in which the SECOM Group operates. It is recognised as being a global leader in this field, having been first established in Japan over 50 years ago.

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We provide advanced security systems to protect your business’s staff and assets 

SECOM Australia has a 20-year track record in providing protective security and safety solutions at local, regional, state and national levels, both to private organisations, the government and across all major industries. Our proven high-quality customer service has become the foundation of our stable growth, influencing innovation across the organisation.

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CCTV Security Sytems

We have a wide range of CCTV cameras, monitors, VCR’s and multiplexers for a complete local surveillance system (including the latest digital recording equipment).

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Alarm Monitoring Systems

Our vision provides a new way of watching and protecting your premises during and after business operating hours. It utilises both video and audio to report the security status of your premises to our monitoring centre.giat.

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Electronic Security Systems

Secom Australia Pty. Ltd. specialises in the design, supply and integration of electronic security solutions to the Retail, Financial, Industrial, Government, Commercial, Construction and Residential markets.

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24/7  Wireless Security Systems to monitor your businesses


Alarm Monitoring Systems for Educational Institutions

Schools require special attention when it comes to security. Administrators must provide adequate safety for students, teachers and staff. In this article, Secom will discuss how alarm systems can help campuses and universities become a safe haven for learning. What are the different alarm systems for schools? * Fire Alarms– this is perhaps one of …