Retailers benefiting from CCTV Security Systems

CCTV cameras are very valuable tools for business nowadays. The use of it has become widespread since the camera system has become more affordable. Retailers are one of the industries benefiting from CCTV security systems

How Retailers Benefit from CCTV?

* Protection against Theft- shop owners and mall owners are always hot targets for theft. Theft can come in many forms, whether it’s burglary, robbery, shoplifting and even fraud. CCTV cameras help managers monitor their shops and detect any occurrence of this incidents.

Let’s take the supermarket sector. This segment has implemented cameras all over their aisles and cashiers. In a British survey, they identified that more than 3 billion USD is lost due to theft. Setting up cameras, security solutions and mobile security help reduce these cases.
Here is a video showing shoplifters in the UK. CCTV allowed retailers to monitor shoppers and react to any potential cases of theft:

Here is another video, a multi-layered shoplifting ring. Notice how CCTV and the store security caught the shoplifters.

* Prevent Bad Employee Behavior- CCTV cameras help managers monitor their employees as well. We all know that employees should always behave according to the standards of the company. Failure to do so can lead a company to embarrassment or even a lawsuit.
Being able to monitor and track down these indecent behaviors, help manager ensures this objective. Installing cameras especially on workplaces can help a lot in preventing these bad behaviors.
Here is a video of a kitchen staff tampering with a customer’s food. One of them urinated on the milk and spit on the sandwich.

with a customer’s food. One of them urinated on the milk and spit on the sandwich.

Here is a CCTV footage of a fight between customers and staff in a Petrol pump. Footages like this helps managers identify what went wrong and what should have been done to prevent such incident

Here is another video that shows how effective cameras in unmasking bad employee behaviors. Undercover investigators use hidden cameras to catch shoplifters and expose a corrupt employee at a high-end electronics store in New York City. Even more outrageous than their crimes are the crooks’ ridiculous denials and lies when they are confronted. One thief claims to be testing store security, while another blames his girlfriend for everything. But when an employee steals from his boss, tempers flare and the investigators step in to prevent a violent confrontation.

* Evidence for Courts- CCTV footages help owners with prosecuting felons against their establishment. Whether the crime is about theft or indecency, these videos are excellent proof of case filing. CCTV footages also help law enforcement identify felons if they haven’t been caught.
Here is a video showing a supermarket staff held up at gunpoint in Brighton. The footage was used by Sussex police to identify the suspects.

Here is another video showing a lady and a kid robbing a laptop shop

* Evidence for Insurance Claims- providing this footage can help speed up the release of insurance claims. It can also help prove that retailers did what they can to prevent such thing from happening and could negotiate for a lower insurance premium in the future.
Here is a video showing car crashing into a bike shop. Three people suffered minor injuries when an 86-year-old driver plowed through a bike store window in Mission Viejo, California.

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