Helping Parents Feel Secured For Their Kids in School With a Surveillance System

Meet Sarah, she is a working mom. Everyday, when she drives her kids to school she always gets worried. She has been seeing news about school violence and it takes a toll on her fears. Like Sarah, thousands of parents face the same problem everytime they leave their children to campus.

school-surveillance systems

A surveillance system can help make these people’s minds at ease. These folks will feel more confident knowing that the school is adding an extra layer of security for the safety of their child.

What are the Benefits of Surveillance Systems for Schools

  • Ease of Installation– installing these cameras has never been easier. Most of today’s closed circuit camera television (CCTV) uses IP technology. Unlike older analog systems, IP cameras can be installed by users and can be re-configured easily. School admins can broadcast footages over the internet. Administrators can be on-top of things anywhere and anytime.
  • Safety– Cameras help promote safety on the campus. It can monitor dark walkways, it can monitor any suspicious behavior and activities. Placing visible cameras can also help discourage people from engaging in bad behaviors
  • Visitor Monitoring– placing CCTV to key entry and exit points can help track movements of visitors along the campus
  • Evidence Records– footages captured can be used to investigate untoward incidents in the campus. It can be used as evidence in court proceedings. These footages can also help administration identify and improve gaps within security and procedures of the campus.
  • Crime Prevention– being able to monitor the campus helps security be alert against crimes. Whether it’s burglary, violence or vandalism, cameras give staff an all-seeing eye to respond if these cases happen.

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Securing Universities with Surveillance System

Securing a campus is a monumental challenge. There are a lot of grounds that you need to cover. This can range from libraries, lobbies, dormitories, sports complex to classroom. This is where surveillance system can help.

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Benefits of CCTV systems for Universities

  • Crime prevention– putting cameras all over the place discourages people from engaging in any illegal activities. It encourages faculty and students to be on their behavior inside the campus
  • Vandalism prevention– schools are a hot target of vandalism especially made by students. The idea of being caught prevents these youngsters in engaging in such activity
  • Monitor parking lots– security cameras help security personnel from monitoring car theft in parking areas.
  • Assist in investigations– CCTV footage can help identify individuals who committed crimes inside the school. It also helps administrators investigate incidents and correct lapses in security and protocols within their campus
  • Protect students– since most campuses are very big, this can be challenging for students to travel especially during night time. Installing cameras can help secure these students while they are navigating. It helps provide peace of mind that they are being closely guarded by these cameras.
  • Secure facilities– college campuses have areas that require authorized access. These can be storage rooms, laboratories, etc. Through video surveillance you can increase the security layer, allowing your personnel to detect suspicious behaviors.
  • Quick installation– video surveillance has evolved. It is now very easy installing IP cameras to monitor wide spaces such as schools. No need to install co-axial or Cat-5 cables saving you money and time.
  • Remote Monitoring– CCTVs can now be accessed wirelessly and even through the internet. This allows you and your security team to easily monitor your school 24/7 and at any place.

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Access Control Systems and Why Small Businesses Should Shift to It

access control systems

Access control systems are tools small business owners should explore to make their organization more secure. Access controls like biometrics, proximity cards, etc can also provide not only security but also efficiency for their office space. In this article, we will discuss how you can leverage these tools. You will be amazed at its benefits and understand why large companies utilize these technologies.

Less Manual Security

One problem with the traditional lock and keys is that thieves can easily pick them. If you browse the internet, you will be shocked that manuals on lockpicking is readily available. This is very alarming since this makes your establishments vulnerable from burglary.

An access control system can drastically minimize this risk. It helps make sure you don’t lose precious stocks and merchandise. Continue reading “Access Control Systems and Why Small Businesses Should Shift to It”

Security System as Best Gifts for Young Families

Recently, a good friend of mine was getting married. I wanted to give the couple something very special. I browsed through online and to my surprise finding a wedding gift for newly-weds is harder than you think.

I wanted to avoid the awkward situation that couples get the same gifts from guests every wedding. I know the feeling and it is really a bummer. My wife and I got the same bread toaster. With the same model and brand!

After countless days of getting gift ideas it came to me, why not give them some home security gadgets instead?


Why Home Security Systems?
* It is a need– most young couples will start raising kids. Home security can help them on this new chapter in their lives. Security systems can help smoothen their transition ensuring the young family is safe from harm.

When I gave my friend break-in alarms he really appreciated it. He needed the system however with all the wedding expenses and preparation for the new family his budget is limited. He couldn’t thank me enough for the gift.

The wife was more grateful. She really liked the extra security that break-in alarms could provide for their new home in Adelaide. She has gotten worried with risks of burglary.

She mentioned to me after the wedding, she realized her life changed since she was expecting a baby soon. She wanted to give everything to the child and safety is a key priority for her. Continue reading “Security System as Best Gifts for Young Families”

How to Increase the Sale of your Property by Presenting it as Secure

Whether you are a real estate agent or a leasor, we all know that a selling property can be challenging. Sellers need to find ways to address the core needs of prospective clients. One of the core needs of buyers is a safe location.

home security camera systems

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History of CCTV System

CCTV is one of the technologies that brought a lot of benefits to mankind. It has disrupted society’s security landscape. It has become a tool for consumers and industries.

It provided safety, it helped science leaped forward, it made business and industries improve dramatically. In this article, we will discuss the history of CCTV.

Earliest Recorded History of CCTV

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) began its roots in Germany (1942). The technology was designed by engineer Walt Bruch. CCTV was first used for the monitoring of the Nazi V-2 rockets.

CCTV was used by the Nazi war machine to enable its scientists and engineers to test the deadly rockets. Rocket propulsion was a new technology at that time. It was considered very unpredictable and dangerous. Real-time camera feeds were used to observed its launch from a safe distance.

Footage of V2 Rockets being tested during WWII

Footage of V-2 Rockets being tested during WWII. Source: Pinterest

Near the end of WWII, the Americans used a similar technology. They used it to monitor their Atomic programme. It was also in the US, that a company first launched CCTV for commercial markets. Vericon tried to push the technology for businesses but was unsuccessful

Photo of Trinity, one of the first atomic explosion tests by the US
Photo of Trinity, one of the first atomic explosion tests by the US. Source: The Atlantic

Early usage of CCTV for Government

CCTV came to the UK during the 1960s. The Metropolitan Police used two temporary cameras in Trafalgar Square. This was used to monitor the crowds during the Thai Royal family visit in London. Continue reading “History of CCTV System”

How Do Wireless Cameras Work?

Wireless cameras are one of the most helpful tools promoting security at homes and workplaces.  It has become widely used because of its ease of installation and flexibility. In this article, we will discuss in detail how it works and how it could help your establishments.

How Wireless Security Cameras Work

Wireless cameras are cordless devices. They transmit using radio signals. These devices are usually plugged into a power source. This could be wall sockets or POE (Power Over Ethernet) ports.

or POE (Power Over Ethernet) ports

An example of PoE implementation. Notice cat 5 are used to power up devices. Image source:

PoE devices utilize cat5 cables and get power from routers and other network components. PoE ‘s are normally used for hybrid implementation of wired and wireless cameras over large establishments.

These cameras work on a simple electronic principle. The camera has a wireless radio (RF) transmitter. This transmitter broadcasts the camera’s video, which can be picked up by a receiver. The receiver is connected to a monitor or recording device. Some receivers have their own built-in storage, while others are connected to a DVR.

Analog vs. Digital

There are two basic types of RF transmissions namely analog and digital.

Analog devices send out a constant string of data when they transmit. The data can be picked up by any receiver that picks up the signal within its frequency range. The problem with this is that anyone with a properly tuned receiver can pick up the transmission.

This makes interference occur on your set-up. If there are a lot of transmitters situated in an area, the other signals will be knocked out by the strongest signal.

Digital wireless cameras, on the other hand, operates differently. Their signals modulate. It constantly cycles through frequencies in order thus avoiding interference. This makes transmissions more secure. In order to pick up the video transmission, a receiver needs to be paired with the camera. This means the camera and receiver should have an aligned frequency and cycle to operate.

Different Types of Wireless Frequencies.

There are two types of wireless frequencies used by these devices:
1.) 2.4 GHz– this range is available for both analog and digital. This can run up to 700 ft. A receiver can carry four transmissions. The downside of this is that this frequency spectrum is where most cordless devices are running. This has the tendency to encounter interference.

2.) 5.8 GHz– this range can be used by both analog and digital. This can expand up to 2000 ft (more than 3 x the 2.4 Ghz counterpart). A device can carry max 8 transmissions. This has less interference since few devices operate at this range.

3.) Wifi cameras– also known as wireless IP cameras. These are usually connected to an internet router. The range of routers can run up to 150 to 300 ft. These routers need to be purchased separately. Wifi cameras can be connected to the internet, allowing remote viewing and monitoring from mobile devices.

Sample of wifi camera photo courtesy: Aartech Canada
Sample of wifi camera photo courtesy: Aartech Canada

4.) Cellular Cameras– This types of cameras utilizes cellular technology to transmit video. They contain cellular transmitters. They are similar to wifi cameras however their speed is limited. They are highly dependent on your 3g or 4g telco providers. These can be an expensive solution compared to having wifi cameras and connecting them through DSL router.

Eye Trax
Photo example of cellular cameras. Photo courtesy: Eye Trax

Shifting technology – From Wired to Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security camera systems have shifted recently. Advancements in technology allow this system to be operated remotely and also have higher resolutions.  In this article, we will focus on shifting to wireless cameras.

wireless camera systems

We will discuss the pros and cons of this technology. Our experts will also touch best practices so you can utilize the cameras to the max.

What are wireless cameras?

Wireless cameras utilize wifi as its connection. These cameras can have its own wifi router or it could be connected to other wifi routers. There are some systems that can integrate both wireless and wired cameras.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wired Cameras


* No interference from other devices.

* Signal is consistent and strong. Could not be easily jammed.

* Ideal for large vicinities


* Difficult to install. Utilizes Category 5 cables the need to install through walls is cumbersome

* Expensive installation than wireless. You need electrical personnel to drill holes and run wires through walls.

* Less flexibility, your device is dependent on where cable ports are situated. Moving the device is not the flexible

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Top 7 Tips on How to Teach Children About Home Alarm Systems

As a parent, there will be a lot of times that we need to leave our kids at home. This can be a very frightening experience but we need to do it because of work, business trips or personal time-off. Home alarm systems can give you a peace of mind when you leave your children.

home security for children

Educating them on the proper usage of these tools can increase their security even if they on their own. This article will help guide you in our transition process. We understand the struggles of parents on this situation, we would like to help you on this.

Tip 1: Emphasis the importance of  security

Parents need to educate their children about the importance of safety while you are away. What are the things they need to avoid? Why they need to avoid. Making them realize this thing makes them conscious about their actions while you leave them. Continue reading “Top 7 Tips on How to Teach Children About Home Alarm Systems”

Top 7 Misconceptions About Home Alarm Systems

There are many misconceptions about the usage of home alarm systems. These misconceptions make put homeowners and their properties at risk. Often failure to address these risks comes at a steep cost. This article is created to discuss these myths and enlighten you on the benefits of utilizing home alarms systems.

Top 1: Home security alarms are expensive

There is a common notion that purchasing and maintaining these technologies is very expensive. This was true during the 1980s to early 2000. Technology such as alarms and cameras were not affordable back then. Only businesses could afford these things.

Lately, technology has become cheaper. Very much as the smartphones and mobile devices, this technology has become very easy to reach even for consumers.

If you also weigh in the costs of being a victim due to lack of security, you will notice it is far cheaper to have good safeguards. In a report by the Australian Institute of Criminology, a cost of a single residential burglary average around 2,874 Australian dollars.

Your costs can get higher dependent on the status of your residence. This varies based on emotional trauma, property loss and potential physical risks against your family.

You will be surprised at this alarming statistic. The total losses of residential establishments due to burglary hovers around 1,356 million dollars, only 23 million dollars were recovered. The likelihood you of recovery from burglary is very slim, it pays a lot to set up safeguards against it. Continue reading “Top 7 Misconceptions About Home Alarm Systems”