Secom Australia: Alarm Systems for Buildings

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Running a building is a big responsibility for owners and administrators. Ensuring safety is a top priority that they need to provide for their tenants and employees. Secom Australia is here to guide you the different alarm systems that is right for your business.

CCTVs have become a very popular system in securing buildings. Did you know that combining it with security alarms can amplify security within your premises?

How to assess the security alarm needs of your building
* Geography Placement– you need to consider where your building is situated.  Is it near a river or waterways that is prone to flooding? Is it located on a place that are prone to low temperatures? Is it situated in a community where burglary incidents are high? Continue reading “Secom Australia: Alarm Systems for Buildings”

Secom Australia: Benefits of CCTV Camera Systems for Schools

Managing schools can be a tough responsibility. Ensuring the safety of students can be difficult dependent on the size of the school premises and volume of students. Secom Australia CCTV camera systems can help make this easier.

Case Study: Why Schools Should Revisit their Security Plans

In a report by IFFoundation Australia, it was discovered that school violence have continued to rise in all levels. According to statistics, 27% of aged 4 to 9 fall victims of bullying. 87% of onlookers did not take any action.

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Incidents of student bringing in knives have rose, increasing stabbing cases. Violent acts against students and teachers have also increased. Aside from metal detectors, school administrators should consider additional taking safety precaution to address this.

Other bad activities that put schools at risk are gang violence, sex offender intrusion and drug/alcohol distribution. This is where CCTVs can play a key role in preventing these things from happening.

Benefits of CCTVs for Schools

* Deter Crime– setting up CCTV surveillance can help monitor student and teacher’s activities. It allows security team to monitor hallways and other areas prone for bullying incidents. Making students aware of CCTV encourages them to behave.

* Stop Vandalism– it is identified that young ones have the high risk of committing vandalisms. Carefully situating cameras can help prevent this. School administrators can use recorded footage and apprehend felons.

* Eliminate Intruders– Schools are hot bed for shameless people. These people have the tendency to prey on students. Whether it’s related to drugs or gang activities, CCTVs enable admins to do the necessary measures to ban these elements.

* Deter Sex Offenders– carefully placing cameras on important passageway allows security personnel to monitor unwarranted entries by such people.

* Help in Emergency Evacuation– CCTVs can assist in evacuation procedures in times of crisis. This will help ensure all students and personnel are following safety protocols and nobody are left out.

* Visitor Monitoring– CCTVs help schools keep an eye on visitors. Making sure they conduct a safe business within the premises.

* Employee Monitoring– footage can help officials monitor behavior and performance of teachers. It helps promote professionalism. It helps ensures the rules are being applied by the personnel.

* Peace of Mind– having an active surveillance, helps lessen anxiety for parents and guardians. Knowing that the school has layers of security, increases their confidence that their children are in safe hands.


Best Practices on Deploying CCTV for Campus

* Situate CCTV on areas where instances of bullying normally occur

* Place CCTVs on entry points and exits.

* Consider placing outdoor CCTVs like bullet cameras and C-mount cameras. This can help monitor parking lots and drop off points for students.

* Make sure you establish security protocols if in case the CCTV’s detected any untoward incidents. Immediately, coordinate with your local security or local law enforcement to address the emergency situation.


Hope this article sheds light on how to make your campus more secure. If you need assistance, feel free to contact 121 us so we can help you.

Secom Job – Security Project Technician

We are looking for a qualified Electrician to undertake a role as a Security Installation Technician. Working on a range of projects throughout Sydney and NSW, the role will complement our field projects team.

Your duties will include:

  • Installing security systems cabling and cable support systems.
  • Installing network infrastructure.
  • Installing security equipment and security control hardware.
  • Programming and commissioning.If the following describes you this could be your next long term role:
  • Self-motivated
  • Team Player
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Time Management Skills
  • Demonstrable technical ability
  • Excellent oral & written communication skills
  • Intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, Outlook)Essential:
  • Hold or the ability to obtain a valid Security License, Australian Government Security Clearance.
  • Hold a valid NSW Private Security Individual Registration License.
  • Hold an Open Registered Cabling License.
  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • Minimum Electrical Trades Certificate. (Licenced)
  • Supplementary industry qualifications, white card and EWP.Desirable:

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Secom Australia: 6 Tips on Selecting the Right Home Security System Provider

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Safety is one of the top priority of adults here in Australia. There is a strong need to build strong measures against burglaries, home invasion and violent crimes. Finding the right security system provider is essential to achieve a safety environment for our families and loved ones.

This guide will walk you through what these providers can offer. We will help to enlighten you through tips in choosing the right security system provider.

What can these Home Security Providers offer?

These providers can provide a multitude of security solutions to protect your family and property from harm. Some of them offer basic tools like CCTV and alarm systems. There are others who offer more advanced offerings like integrating your homes to emergency response services and sophisticated techs to secure your residences. Here are the common offerings of these providers:

* Alarm Systems

* Access Control Systems

* Back to Base Monitoring

* CCTV Systems

* Duress Systems

* Intercom Systems

* Telephone Entry  Systems

Top 6 tips on selecting the right home security systems provider

Choosing the right one is like getting married. You need to get to know your partner better. We are talking about someone who will provide a peace of mind for your family, it is prudent you know all the info and choose carefully.

Tip 1 Review their Offerings – You need to conduct due diligence on what the provider can offer. Review up to what extent their services can offer. There are some providers that can offer adequate level of security. These providers can offer the basic tools like CCTV, alarm systems etc.

There are others who can integrate and offer more advanced ones. They can integrate your systems to their Back to Base support. These advanced ones are smarter and more proactive when it comes to emergency situations. Can these security providers offer basic security or do they offer end-to-end security for your home safety?

Tip 2 Check their History for Innovation– As technology advances rapidly so does crime. Recently, criminals have become sophisticated and resorted to hacking. You need to check how fast Can my provider offer me up-to-date tools and measures to protect my family against crime?

Tip 3 Align with your Budget – review how much are you willing to spend for security. Review the Pros and Cons of getting a low budget security provider versus a higher one.

There are some folks that have limited budget as of the moment. A lot will resort to getting the most affordable wifi CCTVs and alarm system. This can provide an adequate level of security for your homes.

You can save some money for the time-being using these providers. But if you decide to upgrade later, maybe it will be more costly since that device has limited features and inter-operability.  You will end up replacing all systems you bought and buy new ones again.

If you have spare money, explore on investing on solutions that will integrate easily with advanced ones.

Tip 4 Review their Devices’ Quality– Review the durability and quality of the tools provided by your providers. For telephone entry systems and intercom systems, you need to check if the materials used.

Telephone entry system needs to be weather proof since they are installed outdoors. Observe if these devices are tamper proof as well.

Tip 5 Review if they can Offer Seamless Integration– This is connected with tip number two. Validate if the devices offered by your provider can integrate flawlessly with other advanced security systems.

Alarm systems like door/window intrusion detectors can create alarms within the vicinity. Smarter ones can automatically send distress signals to  emergency providers. They could be integrated to Back to Base Monitoring support.

Tip 6 Check their Value Added Service– check for their warranty and their service level agreement. Remember, you are not just buying a set of devices

SECOM Australia is a leading integrated protective and electronic security solutions provider.   We have an extensive security service presence throughout Australia and New Zealand dedicated to Protective Services, Monitoring / Patrols and Technical Services.

Secom Australia – Guide to Electronic Security System for Homes

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Electronic Security System has become a necessity in Australia. In a study conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) ,  there is an average of 210,000 crimes against property . Residential dwellings is also considered one of the most common location for violent crimes.

Given this information, there are numerous security systems for home owners can explore. These helps them avert risks to their property and family.

What are the Types of Electronic Security Systems Available for Homes?

* Digital CCTV Surveillance Systems– CCTV’s are among the most popular tools to deter crime. This system involves installing cameras and digital recording devices within your residence. Most of these are wired and have a central pc to store footage. Continue reading “Secom Australia – Guide to Electronic Security System for Homes”

Security Officers – Secom Job Ad

Due to expansion of our business, Full Time Security Officer roles have now become available in the Sydney Metro area to be employed at various client sites.

As a Security Officer your responsibilities will include but not limited to;

  • Providing a good physical presence to protect our client, their customers and assets
  • Provide access control of the highest standards
  • Provide incident response and/or customer escorts
  • Reporting events and incidents, as required

You must be able to demonstrate:

  • Conduct – Display a professional and courteous manner at all times
  • Presentation – Ability to maintain a clean, neat and well maintained corporate appearance at all times
  • Performance – Possess excellent communication skills in both written and verbal English, ability to identify and respond professionally to security incidents, be physically fit, able to stand for long periods, work a day/night/weekend roster and display the highest standards in customer service.

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Service Delivery Coordinator – Secom Job Ad

SECOM Australia is a leading integrated protective and electronic security solutions provider. We have an extensive security service presence throughout Australia and New Zealand dedicated to Protective Services, Monitoring / Patrols and Technical Services. As wholly owned subsidiary of the SECOM Corporation (Japan) established in 1992, we pride ourselves in delivering high-level integrated Corporate, Government and Transport security solutions throughout Australia.

The successful candidate will be responsible for service delivery and roster coordination within a diverse portfolio of clients. Working closely with a dedicated Client Service Manager, you will be able to demonstrate an eye for detail and passion for teamwork.

As a Service Delivery Coordinator your responsibilities will include but not limited to; Continue reading “Service Delivery Coordinator – Secom Job Ad”