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secom security systems

Security Protective Services

secom protective services

SECOM has been delivering protective services worldwide for in excess of 50 years. Services including patrols, concierge, static guarding, client and asset escort, lock-up services in addition to the support of building critical services and procedures.

Static Guards

Our security officers are highly trained, attentive, polite, well groomed professionals who will provide the highest level of protection and care for your staff, your clients and your business. Most importantly, they will be there when needed. SECOM not only provides trained guards, but also peace of mind.


SECOM Australia is able to offer an extensive Mobile Patrol Service through our own fleet and network. While these services focus on capital cities, SECOM can and does provide services across Australia. Our patrols and responses are a direct link from our A1 Graded monitoring centre to our clients to ensure complete line and management control from alarm activation to response and attendance on site therefore providing the same quality service as our Monitoring Centre. We can tailor a patrol program to suit your specific needs including:

  • External/Internal Patrols
  • Extended time on site
  • Patrols at designated times
  • Lock-up service
  • Client and asset escort

National Co-ordination
All our services are co-ordinated from our National Operation Centre in Sydney. National and local Account Managers are appointed to provide all our clients with peace of mind and have one point of contact for all matters. This includes but not limited to reporting, accounts, human resources and account management, patrols, responses, technical support and guarding. Our processes ensure a streamlined response that reduces time spent by the client.

Why partner with Secom

  • National coverage
    Partnering with SECOM Australia provides all our clients with access to our National network of SECOM offices and employees, franchises and associated contractors. Our national network minimises the reaction time across the country and the entire spectrum of security services including electronics, responses and guarding.
  • 24hr Helpdesk/A1 Graded Control Room
    SECOM Australia owns and operates a certified A1 graded control room in  accordance with Australian Standards AS2201:2.2004. SECOM’s helpdesk immediately action any request from anywhere in the country, which includes staff who maybe unable to report for duty at any point in time during the day or night. This effectively allows our operators and co-ordinators to immediately organise relief officers.
  • Ongoing Training
    Through our unique online training environment Emlearn, SECOM Australia ensures all SOP’s and any other information is communicated and all SECOM officers are trained according to agreed specifications. This means all Loss Prevention staff including API staff can be trained in all processes and procedures associated with any location.
  • One point of contact
    SECOM provides one Account Manager to each client, irrespective of the size of the assignment.
  • Standardisation of services and operating procedures
    SECOM standardise all our services from our Head Office and effectively communicates to all our offices and employees resulting in national compliance. Our clients receive a service where minimum standards have been set and are being controlled by our Head Office
  • Central Reporting systems
    SECOM clients with multiple sites enjoy the benefits to agree to procedures, framework and processes as SECOM Australia communicates the agreed change and improvements to all concerned ensuring full compliance.
  • Static

    SECOM provides the following services to various high profile CBD multi-story and high rise buildings across Sydney:
    • Concierge duties
    • Mobile Patrols
    • Electronic Monitoring
    • Operation of the control room situated in the buildings headquarters
    • Monitoring of all alarms including duress and computer systems
    • Responsibility for emergency evacuations until arrival of emergency services
  • Special Needs

    SECOM Australia supplies services to clients with special needs such as embassies and organisers of large public events. SECOM Australia can supply multiple guards for short term special projects with supervisors who have exceptional experience in the security of major events. We can also supply guards to meet special requirements for Close Personal Protection.