News & Announcements

22March, 2024

Secom Security Profile – Felipe Terrak

Secom Australia have always recognised that the most important aspect of our business is our people. The Security Industry is largely a service industry, and as such, our frontline personnel are the face of our [...]

14March, 2024

Secom Security Guard Saves a Life

Secom security guard Unaiz Ali has been recognised by Ambulance and Hospital staff as having made a life-saving intervention whilst on duty at the Australian Institute of Sport. Whilst on patrol he witnessed a cyclist [...]

19February, 2024

Secom officially launches our Reconciliation Action Plan

This week Secom Australia held the official launch ceremony for our Reconciliation Action Plan. A range of special guests and performers attended, with the aim of capturing the imaginations of our staff and stakeholders, increasing [...]

22September, 2023

Secom celebrates country with original artwork

As Secom prepares for the official launch of our latest Reconciliation Action Plan, we would like to highlight the amazing work of our First Nations artist Alysha Menzel, who created this stunning piece on ‘Protecting [...]