About Us

Secom Co., Ltd. was established in 1962 as Japan’s first security company. Today Secom Group employs over 53,000 people in nearly 2,800 locations worldwide, with operations in twenty countries, assets exceeding $20 billion, an annual turnover of $10 billion and a customer base of nearly 2.7 million customers.

Secom Australia was founded in 1990. Since establishment, we have provided security solutions throughout Australia and sought to deliver safety, peace of mind, comfort and convenience, in line with our belief in the importance of contributing to society through our business activities.

Today Secom is a market leader providing customized security solutions to homes, small and medium business, major high street brands, Government establishments, and the financial sector.

We are a global organization operating at every level. Delivering exceptional customer service is the ethos of our business with the belief this has been the basis of our success and continues to contribute to our growth.

Through our technological innovation and exemplary service, Secom’s aim is to provide high-quality, cost-conscious, reliable security solutions complemented by a rapid response service, enabling you to protect your assets.

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