Secom Safe - Lone Workers

We are continually seeking advanced technology to protect our clients’ people and assets. One of the ways in which we do this is using smart phones and tablets.

We call this Secom Safe.

Secom Safe is comprised of two products; Secom Personal and Secom Guard.

Secom Personal

Secom Personal is a comprehensive security management solution to help protect individuals. It is typically used by your staff, visitors and others who are in your care or ours.

It’s smartphone-based and uses an app. The app uses the phone’s GPS functionality and an optional Bluetooth duress device. When triggered, it will summon assistance through our National Operations Centre. The app also automatically records incident video and audio. It also enables the immediate despatch of nearby guards, through a GPS geo-fencing feature. The app can also be configured to automatically escalate an issue and simultaneously notify multiple parties.

This advanced solution has already been deployed to number of clients in Australia and is also in use by Secom New Zealand. It has over 5 million users in 20 countries.

Secom Guard

Secom Guard is the security workforce management counterpart to Secom Personal. It acts as a real-time guard-tour system based on NFC tags (near field communication) and QR-code tags.

As guards progress on their pre-defined tours, they will evidence their adherence to the route by scanning tags placed at pre-set locations. Our National Operations Centre receives corresponding real-time data on incidents, alerts and events, and also ensures that any missed checkpoints are recorded. Its features also include no movement or ‘person-down’ detection.

Secom Guard is also suitable for facilities management use, such as reporting faulty assets, mould, etc. All of the FM data that the solution produces is then consolidated by our National Operations Centre and reported to you.

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