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We offer an advanced, integrated monitoring solution. It’s provided by our National Operations Centre, located in St Leonards, Sydney. It’s fully owned and operated by Secom.

Secom’s National Operations Centre

The three primary activities that are managed from the centre are;

  • The centre has ASIAL’s highest rating; grade A1 (ASIAL being the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd, a key industry professional body)
  • It fully complies with the current Australian Standard (AS: AS 2201.2—2004 Intruder Alarm System – Monitoring Centres). It is regularly audited and has never been issued with a non-compliance.
  • Our centre has full redundancy, with multiple levels of backup to guarantee continuous, comprehensive surveillance
  • It provides back-to-base alarm monitoring. E.g. intruder, duress, fire, hold-up, bypass, temperature, & medical alarms, and
  • It functions 24 x 7 for 365 days a year

We provide scheduled patrols that deliver such functions as lock-ups, open-ups, and escorts for staff.

Alarm Response

We provide a facility for the on-demand despatch of patrols to investigate alarms.

How it Works
 Contact Secom today
  • Reach out to us through our hotline or website
  • Tell us your security needs
  • We’ll find the right solution for you
 Set up
  • Our in-house technicians will install your alarms, CCTV and other systems
  • We will perform on-site tests, to ensure full functionality
  • We’ll integrate your solution into our monitoring capability
 Respond to Emergencies
  • Should we detect a problem, our team will immediately respond
  • You can also reach out to us for any other emergency
  • Our response will be guided by protocols that have been pre-defined to your needs, and
  • If required, we will immediately despatch a patrol to address your emergency or take any other appropriate action
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