Secom Security Guard Saves a Life

14 March 2024

Secom security guard Unaiz Ali has been recognised by Ambulance and Hospital staff as having made a life-saving intervention whilst on duty at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Whilst on patrol he witnessed a cyclist fall to the ground, struggling to breathe. Acting quickly, Unaiz left his vehicle to approach the man, finding him unconscious.

Unaiz immediately set to work radioing for assistance, before performing a defibrillation using AED which re-started the man’s heart. He then rendered CPR techniques until the Paramedics arrived and were ready to intervene.

Once transported to hospital the man’s condition was stabilised, and ambulance staff reached out to inform Unaiz that without his assistance the man would likely have had only minutes to live.
This is a shining example of the kind of impact and intervention dedicated security personnel can have whilst on duty, and the importance of their roles in the community.

Congratulations to Unaiz on his skill and quick thinking in a stressful and delicate situation!