Social Procurement

Sustainability and Reconciliation

As the Australian branch of an international business, Secom Australia has long sought to operate in a socially responsible manner that supports local Australian businesses and initiatives. Traditionally this has seen us champion the engagement of local suppliers and small to medium enterprises, whilst maintaining workplace diversity and equality amongst our personnel.

In addition to this, our membership with Supply Nation, and the development of our Reconciliation Action Plan highlights our commitment to ‘closing the gap’ for First Nations Australians, by addressing important social sustainability initiatives, as well as ensuring an understanding and respect for First Nations people is embedded within our organisation.

Reconciliation Action Plan.

With a dedicated Reconciliation Working Group guided by First Nations Consultants, Secom’s REFLECT RAP outlines our commitment to reconciliation within our sphere of influence.

Our milestones include an emphasis on employment and procurement opportunities for First Nations individuals and businesses, collaboration with First Nations community groups, and a commitment to cultural awareness within the workplace, acknowledging the vibrant living cultures of indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders.

View and download Secom’s Reconciliation Action Plan here. 

Supply Nation Membership

Secom’s membership with Supply Nation offers us the opportunity to connect with First Nations businesses for various aspects of our supply chain, as well as quantify our spend and commitments on a regular, recurring basis.

We regularly liaise with our Supply Nation consultant to ensure awareness of events and opportunities for sustainable social procurement, and have sourced numerous third party providers with their assistance.

SME Engagement

Secom understands the importance of supporting Small to Medium Enterprises throughout Australia, and as such we maintain records on the status of all our partner providers and members of our supply chain to ensure we offer as many opportunities to local and SME businesses as we can.

We track these and other measures as part of our internal KPI’s on supply chain sustainability, ensuring an ongoing commitment to small business’s throughout Australia whilst ensuring full coverage, even in the most remote of regions.

Workplace Diversity and Equality

Secom values diversity both in our workplace and across our supply chain, and as such have taken active measures to ensure a workplace free of discrimination where equal opportunity is championed at all levels.

Certified as an equal opportunity workplace compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, Secom are proud to operate in a sector with a wide range of ethnic diversity both in the field and at our head office and monitoring centre.