Case Studies

Secom provides a comprehensive range of
security services ranging from bespoke solutions
to robust suites of integrated services


With a long history of providing security solutions to Governmental Departments and Local Councils, Secom’s experience in Public Sector Security is second-to-none.  We ensure the safety of hundreds of government sites and assets as well as thousands of government employees, in a series of complex nationwide contracts with operations at over 500 locations Australia wide. We combine the scale of nationwide contracts with a personal approach fostered in tandem with local councils and their stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes for all parties.


With contracts for some of Australia’s largest transport organisations, Secom’s ability to operate in both the busiest transport hub in Australia, as well as covering the geographical reach of state-wide contracts serve as a testament to our capacity and experience in the field of transport security with its numerous associated customer service and safety challenges. Our combination of traditional security services with both traffic control and kerbside management provides the most comprehensive end-to-end services for clients in this sector.


Through our work for the likes of Nine Media, Secom have made great strides in the field of close personal protection services to complement our core duties of guarding, monitoring and patrols. These contracts call for the utmost in Customer Service and concierge style security duties as well as the protection and security management of high-profile individuals.

Nine Australia (formerly Fairfax Media) – A contract with demanding customer service and close personal protection requirements


With millions of dollars in infrastructure and inventory to protect, Secom’s work in the industrial sector requires vigilant and robust protocols in place to address everything from terrorism to industrial sabotage. Our work at major sites across both private and public spheres also requires exceptional Risk Management and a commitment to Workplace Health and Safety whilst operating in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

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