Protective Services

Protective Services

Secom has been providing security services to the Australian market for thirty years and understand that guarding is more than simple protection of people and assets.

We begin by obtaining a full understanding of your individual needs. Once understood, we then develop and deploy service strategies to meet those needs and de-risk your business. The allows you to focus on where you add maximum value, your core business.

  • Static guarding – Providing peace of mind for your people, property and clients

  • Dock management – Ensuring stringent contractor management and access control

  • Roving security services – Patrols that form the eyes and ears of your organisation

  • Traffic management – Ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians whilst easing congestion for a smooth flow of traffic

  • Client and asset escort – Close personal protection and VIP guarding

  • Concierge Services – At Secom we understand the value of a good first impression. It starts by creating a welcoming environment for visitors when they are first greeted in your reception area

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