Secom Stories

13 January 2020

Every so often at Secom we are reminded of the difference that our Security Guards can make in people’s lives. Recently at Sydney Airport, members of our kerbside management team noticed a driver swerving erratically and in danger of hitting the centre barriers near the departures terminal. Upon closer investigation they discovered the driver was having difficulty communicating and was clearly in distress. Thinking and acting quickly the team members offered immediate assistance to the elderly gentleman who was in the midst of suffering a heart attack. Emergency services were contacted and whilst they were in transit, Secom staff continued to treat and comfort the individual until the ambulance could arrive and he was safely transported to hospital. Secom would like to congratulate team members Apil Aryl and John Aoun for their outstanding efforts and quick thinking in ultimately saving the life of the individual in question and averting what could have been a dangerous situation for other members of the public. These kinds of stories remind us of the importance of what we do each day and highlight the skills and initiative of our personnel on the front-lines. Our greatest appreciation goes out to Apil, John and our entire Sydney Airport Kerbside Team.