Coronavirus Update for Service Providers and Suppliers to Secom

11 March 2020

Dear Service Provider/Supplier,

At Secom, our priority is the health and wellbeing of our employees, clients, service providers and suppliers.

As the Coronavirus situation continues to develop, Secom have established key preventative actions to help mitigate any potential spread to our customers, teams, partners and communities.

These key actions including the following;

  • Regular safety alerts to our teams, staff members, suppliers and partners
  • Regular information guidelines on how to prevent the spread of infection including practical personal hygiene techniques
  • Provision of hand-sanitiser and disinfectant wipes for team members
  • Increased cleaning procedures for office environments
  • Information on identifying symptoms
  • Information on what to do if you have been exposed to someone with COVID 19,
  • Information on what to do if you have travelled to a high-risk country, and
  • Details on how Secom can support

We appreciate the prompt and responsible actions of our suppliers and service providers who have communicated to us the efforts they are undertaking to do their part and reduce the potential spread of the virus. We ask that you and your team continue your efforts and further adhere to the below guidelines when visiting any of our offices or sites;

  • Please encourage all team members visiting our sites to utilise the hand sanitiser and maintain good personal hygiene practices
  • If one of your team members is feeling unwell, we would encourage you to request they stay at home until they feel better
  • Please ensure you team are familiar with the Government guidelines regarding the management of the Coronavirus and in particular self-isolation of individuals who have travelled to affected areas.

In the event that one of your team members is diagnosed with Coronavirus, it is important that you notify the Site Manager of the premises they attended as soon as possible. This will allow us to take the appropriate supportive action for our Secom employees, suppliers and your team.

We appreciate your support in passing this message onto your team.

Kind Regards,

Daisuke Imahoko

Managing Director, Secom Australia