Secom Employee Assistance Program

7 April 2020

Secom Australia would like to again thank all of our staff and security personnel for their ongoing efforts and continued professionalism throughout the COVID-19 situation. During these unprecedented events, we understand that many individuals are experiencing a heightened sense of anxiety and uncertainty. In light of this fact, Secom has partnered with our employee assistance provider Eudoxia to distribute a series of helpful tips designed to help you stay connected, grounded and productive during this time, as well as methods to assist you in reducing and managing any anxiety which may result from going about our lives during the current pandemic and lockdown scenario.

Please find attached the first such information pack detailing the importance of maintaining regular exercise as a method of combatting stress and anxiety and improving general wellbeing. We will continue to be in touch on a regular basis with further information and tips.

Furthermore, please remember that all Secom employees have access to support and assistance from the EAP available at any time by contacting Eudoxia for confidential counselling on 1300 307 111.

Thanks again for your continued hard work, together we can get through this.