Secom Security Profile – Felipe Terrak

22 March 2024

Secom Australia have always recognised that the most important aspect of our business is our people. The Security Industry is largely a service industry, and as such, our frontline personnel are the face of our organisation, and one of the foundational pillars of our success.

In recognition of that factor, we are continuing a series of profiles that highlight some of the individuals that go out of their way to ensure a safe and respectful environment for our clients and the general public each day.

Felipe Terrak is one such individual that exemplifies the Secom ethos in his duties. With over 18 years of experience in the security industry, Felipe has demonstrated outstanding attention to detail and customer service skills throughout his tenure as a Security/Concierge officer with Secom.

According to Felipe “Every day is a new challenge. Every customer is a unique individual and an opportunity to learn something. Even after 18 years I’m still on a journey and learning new things”.

This attitude is reinforced by Felipe’s philosophy towards the job, as he states “This is more than just a job for me. I believe that when you love something, you do it with heart. So every day I bring my heart. Observing, reporting, remaining vigilant, and acting as part of a team”.

Secom would like to sincerely thank Felipe for his ongoing efforts, highlighting the importance of consistency in an always dynamic environment, and reminding us that it’s the little things, each and every day, that make up our lives.