Secom celebrates country with original artwork

22 September 2023

As Secom prepares for the official launch of our latest Reconciliation Action Plan, we would like to highlight the amazing work of our First Nations artist Alysha Menzel, who created this stunning piece on ‘Protecting Country’ for us.

‘Protecting Country’ represents Secom’s ongoing commitment to actively contributing to reconciliation and making a positive impact on their journey towards learning, unity and understanding.
Secom understands that true protection goes beyond safeguarding physical spaces. It is about acknowledging and respecting the very Country and land on which we stand, recognising the coexistence of humanity and nature. In this belief, we are all interconnected, emphasising the need to protect and respect one another as we share this diverse and multicultural world.

‘Protecting Country’ signifies the profound relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Country, whilst acknowledging the shared spiritual and cultural significance of this meaningful connection. It is symbolic of our local Country and the people existing within it, with abstract representation of the waterways, landforms, pathways and the interrelation between ourselves and the landscape we inhabit.

The artwork pays respect to the Cammeraygal people, the Traditional Owners of the land where Secom is situated. It embodies the essence of the rivers, ocean, sky, and earth, symbolizing a deep connection to the Country and the importance of upholding the protection of the land for an ongoing healthy and sustainable future for everyone